Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the TIAA CREF Login:


Here are the steps to follow to login:

  1. The first thing you have to do is to copy and paste the TIAA CREF Login page URL onto the address bar of your web browser:$SM$C22Yi5AsnUGRhYta4yjcq8RrMpvVzvkBb%2b7K1gebBK%2fEkkeBk2TOuKVg4ujcH%2bWC&TARGET=$SM$
  2. Once directed to their login page, you will find a blue highlighted rectangular text box and upon finding it enter your User ID and click Next. Make sure you are inputting your correct User ID so as to avoid any errors while trying to login.
  3. After accomplishing Step two you will be directed to a new page and in this page it will be asking you of your Password and an answer to your Security Question. Make sure you are inputting your Password and Answer to the Security Question to the correct rectangular text field.
  4. After completing Step three click the orange-colored Login button and you will be then directed to your TIAA CREF account.


Having troubles while trying to login? Reset your login credentials:

  1. First check whether the web browser you are using supports Java Script if it doesn't then download the program or change to the browser that supports Java Script.
  2. After resolving issue then proceed to this. On the same page URL of TIAA CREF:$SM$C22Yi5AsnUGRhYta4yjcq8RrMpvVzvkBb%2b7K1gebBK%2fEkkeBk2TOuKVg4ujcH%2bWC&TARGET=$SM$ find the Forgot User ID? link near the blue-colored rectangular text field and then click it.
  3. After clicking the link you will be then directed to the Reset page and there you will be asked for your email address and after doing so click Continue.
  4. There are additional steps along the way after clicking Continue so just follow the onscreen instructions and carefully input the information needed.

Exhausted all efforts but still cannot access your account? Contact TIAA CREF directly:

>Make a call:

800 842-2252
MON - FRI, 8 AM - 10 PM (ET)
SAT, 9 AM - 6 PM (ET)
Automated service available 24/7

If you use a telecommunications service or TDD, call
800 842-2755.


>Write a letter:

P.O. Box 1259
Charlotte, NC 28201


>Send an email:
Contact TIAA CREF by sending an email through this link:


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